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Dissertation Methodology

Dissertation Methodology

In order to prepare an excellent piece of writing, writing a dissertation involves certain dissertation methodology.

What is dissertation methodology?

Before beginning to write any dissertation, it is very important to frame a proper dissertation methodology for it. Dissertation methodology in short involves the planning for collection of data (Primary or secondary sources), what questions you will include in your dissertation, how will conduct your surveys, geographical location & others.

Steps to follow in dissertation methodology:

  • Make a schedule for dissertation methodology:
    If you are already aware about the time you will take to complete this dissertation, then break it down into manageable schedule with individual due dates or days you need to accomplish this project.

  • Write everyday for few minutes on dissertation topic:
    Writing 30 pages in one day is little more frustrating or else you will start losing interest in your dissertation. It is better to invest little time & write 500 words everyday to easily achieve the deadline of dissertation.

  • Take frequent breaks while writing on dissertation methodology:
    if you are working on dissertation, it is important to take breaks in between. As keeping your eyes glued constantly in dissertation writing can lead to poor content quality. Taking a break from your ideas may provide you to come back with new thoughts & perspectives for dissertation methodology.

  • Start writing your introduction for dissertation methodology:
    You will start writing your introduction by copying & pasting bits but it is not permanent, this part will keep on changing as per the thoughts & new perspectives coming to your mind as you proceed with your dissertation writing. You will go back & frame your introduction part multiple times.

  • Powerful Conclusion for dissertation methodology:
    Conclude with a strong statement by explaining the significance of this dissertation. Also don’t forget to point future scholars in the right way to continue to gather information on the issue.

  • Incorporate relevant charts, graphs & figures for dissertation methodology:
    The actual figures & tables should be embedded or inserted in the text in between, usually on the page where they are first quoted in the text. All tables & figures should be numbered & referenced in the same order.

  • Proper formatting of dissertation methodology:
    Make sure that all components of your work are formatted according to the criteria of your institution and discipline.

How does Growth Guide prepare the dissertation methodology?

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