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Primary Research

Primary Research

The assignment is all about research and analysis. However, when it comes to talking about doing research, it comes off in two types: primary research and secondary research. Doing research helps in defining accurate data while it enhances the credibility of the assignment or dissertation paper.

So, in this blog, we are going to see the basic primary research definition and its importance in a research paper. Along with that, we will discuss how the Growth Guide assignment writing services help students to conduct primary research for the academic assignments.

What is meant by Primary Research in an assignment?

The primary research is the methodology used by the researchers to collect data directly and not put up data from the pre-existing research papers. It is solely conducted to pinpoint certain solutions to a problem that requires in-depth research and analysis.

However, the students can do the primary research effectively by themselves but to get more accurate results, the students can rely on the assignment writing services to conduct the primary research for their assignment facts and information.

Importance of doing Primary Research

Many might not know what is the main importance of primary research while doing an assignment or some may think it is only for solving certain problems. But primary research has multiple significance when it comes to writing academic assignments or Ph.D. assignment papers. Mentioning below are the list of importance of primary research:

  1. The very first advantage is finding out the Data accuracy
  2. It focuses on the problems to find pinpointed solutions
  3. It allows to control and modify the data
  4. It is time convenient too
  5. Helps in gathering authentic data
  6. It helps in analyzing the validity of the data

Since all valid facts and information are to be put in the assignments, knowing the significance of primary research in an assignment is also important. So, without wasting precious time, let’s dig all the impotence in detail:

  • The very first advantage is finding out the Data accuracy:
    Misinformations or facts which are not valid disrupt the assignment quality. Thus, conducting the primary research helps in determining accuracy first in hand so that the quality of the content remains intact as well as it helps readers to specify about the topic.

  • It focuses on the problems to find pinpointed solutions:
    The main significance of doing primary research is to point out problems and find out accurate solutions to them. That’s why it is regarded as the basic methodology idea to be used in the dissertation paper.

  • It allows to control and modify the data:
    Not only does it points out solutions but also helps in controlling and modifying the researched data to be included in the dissertation paper. The primary research directs where data are to be used and get favorable outcomes of conducting the primary research.

  • Regarded as the time-testing methodology
    One can trust the data which is collected through primary research. Therefore, it is regarded as the time-tested method as the data collected are not only tested but also has undergone several tests.

  • Helps in gathering authentic data
    The quality of the assignment can be enhanced only when the data to be put are authentic and accurate. The primary research method helps to collect data that are unique and are not collected from the pre-existing researched data.

  • It helps in analyzing the validity of the data
    The primary research method also helps researchers to analyze the validity of the data. It helps in data interpretation by creating, modifying, or editing the factual data and making it a unique one to be represented in the assignment.

    However, it is likely to mention that primary research is an important element in writing any kind of assignment such as Ph.D. assignment, history assignment, architecture, engineering, etc. Also, the secondary research is cost-effective, unlike the primary one.

How is primary research conducted by GROWTH GUIDE?

As we all know that primary research is an important part of an assignment, thus the Growth Guide writing services take it as their priority. From researching to proper formatting, the services offer any kind of help that the students seek.

The experts of the Growth Guide writing services go on multiple revisions to ensure no data or points are left out in the assignment. The primary research is important not only for assignments but it is also important for any organization to understand customer perceptions as well as the changing marketing behavior.

Therefore, when it comes to conducting any kind of research, the Growth Guide writing services make effective plans so that the assignment doesn’t have any kind of invalid data.


Be it an assignment or to analyze the market, conducting primary research is very very important. This will help to summarize all the synopsis of the assignment and help the readers to understand the perspective of the assignment.
Well, if you are looking for assistance, it is the right time to choose the Growth Guide writing services to conduct any kind of research for your assignment validation.