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In today’s era, Statistics has a pivotal role in thesis writing. Statistics in itself is a very vast subject. It is the core of thesis writing & proves to be valuable for society. Statistics is the process of examination & analyses of data, and it is the most reliable method for achieving precision conclusions in a thesis.
Statistics involved in thesis writing
There are a plethora of resources available to opt for statistics in thesis writing of which some are paid & some are free.

  1. Connect with your Guide: You should consult your supervisor involved in thesis writing in order to take advantage of what is already done by previous year students.

  2. Search online: Another way is to explore for internet resources, such as online tutorial videos, informational websites etc. But before taking any data from any site, it is important to check the authenticity of these websites in order to ensure that you are receiving accurate data. Inaccuracy of statistics can lead to faulty interpretation or conclusion./li>
  3. Plan your research design involved in thesis:Designing of research means total strategy involved in thesis for data collecting and analysis.

To begin, choose whether your thesis will be descriptive, co relational, or experimental.
Experimental thesis have a direct impact on variables, whereas descriptive and co relational thesis only analyze them.
Help needed in thesis statistics

Framing of thesis properly including methodology and results sections is a tedious task. Many students realize that their statistical knowledge is insufficient for their thesis writing. This can also lead to rejection of your thesis due to inappropriate type of statistical analysis.

Not everyone is skilled in statistics involved in thesis writing. It is better to find someone who can help you. This should be someone who has extensive or in depth knowledge of statistical or computational data.
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