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For writing a unique & excellent help on Dissertation, conducting a deep dive for finding all the sources is also an essential part in help on dissertation.

Sources available for writing Dissertation

Let’s have a look on various sources also that can be of help on dissertation.

  1. Guide or Mentor: Your guide can also serve a source in help on dissertation writing as he/she can help you in selecting the right data for your research.
  2. Library search: Library search, a powerful search engine for help on dissertation. It includes various peer-reviewed journals, academic papers, e-books, and publications, among other resources. It's a great spot to start your research, especially if you're trying to find out if there's enough content available on your Dissertation Topic.
  3. Dissertation primary resources: They can be found in online data base. If your organization or college library has subscription to resources like ProQuest Dissertations where you can search for newspaper, dissertations, e-books & other relevant database. If you do not have subscription to such type of data base, opt for Google News also offers free access to several articles.
  4. Hard copies of sources: Libraries also provide hard copies of primary sources that can be of help on dissertation. Hardcopies of several journals, previous dissertations & publications are available in most libraries. So libraries also play a pivotal role in getting the right source for help on Dissertation.

Checking authenticity of data for help on dissertation

Checking authenticity of data is also an important aspect of the dissertation process. Before checking authenticity, researchers must assure that the data base used in their dissertation is accurate before going for a data analysis
There is much statistical software available online like SPSS, Stata, SOFA statistics that are used for the management & analysis of database.
However, if the data used in such automated data analysis software is incorrect, the outcomes will be nothing but GIGO (Garbage in, Garbage out).
Due to lack of time or under strict deadlines for dissertation submission, Students pay less attention to check authenticity of data, they miss out this important aspect due to which their outcomes are compromised & findings are not accurate.
Therefore data should be reliable & trustworthy in order to avoid faulty interpretations that can lead to incorrect conclusions as well

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  2. Conduct Relevant Research for help on dissertation: The data used in dissertation serves as basic the foundation stone. Finding suitable, reliable & relevant data sources can be daunting.
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