How is a Dissertation written?

Dissertations comprise a five-part structure: an abstract, introduction, methodology and discussion, conclusions, and references. Although the particular details of each section can differ (for example, the number of words allowed in the abstract, discussion etc)

Various parts involved in a help with dissertation -

  1. Dissertation abstract: An abstract of your dissertation usually comes after title page and acknowledgements. It basically involves the aim & summary of your dissertation topic selected. Help with dissertation abstract is usually 150-200 words in length.
    Because you’re abstract includes a synopsis of your whole study, including a summary of your research question, methodology and other findings. An ideal way of writing an abstract is to write it at the end until you’ve finished your dissertation.
  2. Table of contents: It includes all of your chapters, subheadings, appendices along with their page numbers. The contents page help with dissertation as it gives the reader an idea of your structure and makes it easier for them to explore the research material.
  3. Dissertation Introduction: The introduction should include the following information:
    • Include the background information to place your work in context.
    • Define the aim of the dissertation to narrow down the topic.
    • Discuss the current status of study on the subject, demonstrating how your work relates to a larger issue.
    • Clearly define your goals and research questions.
    • Give an overview of the framework of your dissertation.
      Write an introduction that is easy to understand, interesting, relevant & to the point to your research.

  4. Dissertation literature: Before writing your help with dissertation, you should have the following information on your topic
    Collect relevant sources (such as books and journals)
    Minutely access and analyze each source
    Connect them (patterns, conflicts, and gaps) to create a large discussion
  5. Methodology: This section basically involves how you have conducted your study, method of collection data via interviews, surveys, questionnaire, number of people & place where the research was conducted, discussion of any obstacles you faced while during conducting this research etc.
  6. Results: This section include hypothesis, research questions etc. In some researches, the result section and the discussion are kept separate, while in others, the two are merged.
  7. Discussion: Discuss the outcome of the study in detail
  8. Conclusion: what you have achieved or accomplished through this research is basically included in conclusion section.

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