The review paper is also known as a literature review. It is the survey or review of already published work. It speaks out the current understanding of the topic. The correct format of review paper is rough drafting followed by final writing. 

tips for review paper



Understanding the terms the review paper and research paper are very different from each other. 

For instance, the format of review paper asks the reviewer to refer to various research and review papers to compile and opinionate on the topic. 

A research paper requires one to document their findings scientifically as it is; whereas the format of review paper requires the individual to compare various research papers to make a review paper. 

review paper


To write a good review paper, we must understand what it does. As per definition, it is a consolidated summary of various research papers. That means the reviewer has the freedom to put their thoughts on the particular research topic. 

Why this topic? How can it help the readers? Is there more than one possible outcome? And so on. The reviewer needs to break down and analyze every aspect of the review paper to be able to publish it. 


The content is as good as the topic. It is often questionable on how to choose the right topic for a review paper. To write the correct format of review paper you can- 

  1. Read through review papers of a particular topic to find the gap in the literature review. 
  2. Read through research papers to address the gaps or less popular topics in that area. 

The topic chosen must be important and should be worth writing a review paper. Keep your objectives in mind and scan through areas that need a review paper.

review paper

There are different ways to interpret a topic. After finding a gap, depending on the target audience the reviewer can decide content to upload to organize the correct format of review paper. 

It can be-

  1. As an answer to a question
  2. As per the latest trends in the topic
  3. As to debate the topic
  4. As a gap in the research paper

Now, let's learn the format of review paper


The format of the review paper has certain elements that include- title, body, conclusion, and citations/footnote as drafted in format of review paper. 

Lets' understand it in detail the format of review paper-

  1. Introduction- This section is for introducing the topic and gives an insight into the theme of a review paper. It will speak on why the topic is important to bring curiosity among readers. This is the first step in the format of review paper. 
  2. Body- The second paraphrasing in format of review paper. This shapes the whole review paper. The body part shows the central theme of the paper. It provides the experimental part and gives the reviewer the freedom to express their interpretation of the topic. Organize the subheadings in format of review paper to build the topic. 

Structure the paragraph with one aspect per paragraph, referring to multiple papers per topic. To write the body in format of review paper, you can-  

Conclusion- It wraps up the whole deal and does not let the reader scatter towards the end. You should-


There are different styles of citations based on the genre of the review paper. You can cite about 8-10 references, be it a stand-alone assignment or part of a big project. 


Writing the correct format review paper is requisite. It covers the gap in the topic giving new areas to explore. 

There are benefits for writing format of review paper-

  1. It acts as feedback for many research papers. Many scientists provide reviews and their thoughts on particular research. 
  2. It identifies the gaps made in the research emphasizing the areas that require attention. This helps reorganize the literature as the format of review paper. 
  3. For a reviewer, writing a good format of review paper can be a breakthrough to get published in journals and reputed websites.

tips for review paper 


As mentioned above format of review paper is complicated and needs proper drafting before starting. A review paper can either be a part of a stand-alone project as a topic given by the instructor. In this, students are required to mention acknowledgment expressing their gratitude to their guide and other people involved in the research project. The students cite the books, authors' work, and websites used as instructed by their instructor. 

Or, the format of review paper may be a part of a big project like a research paper itself where the review paper is placed just below the abstract. It is used to allure the readers like reading customer reviews before ordering food. 


The review paper with a min of 7 pages up to 20 pages is accepted. It depends on the topic and the style of writing. On average, a good format of review paper has 50-70 research papers cited, and more. To maintain various articles, use reference management software that is free to use like zotero and mendeley. Briefly, reference management software is used to record bibliographies and citations. It records citations and uses them for bibliographies time and again. The above given format of review paper will help a beginner to write a review paper from scratch.