Importance of quality research in thesis

Writing the thesis in research can turn out to be a challenging task, and indeed it is one. It is not a piece of cake. However, if done correctly and under proper guidance, writing a good thesis in research is definitely achievable. One should have the right knowledge, skills and attitude to produce a work of high quality. The tasks of researching, experimenting, drawing conclusions from results and documenting the process require a lot of effort, in the right direction. The importance of the step about research is described in this post.


What is the thesis in research?


The students write the thesis, under the guidance of professors, scientists or researchers. To put it simply, the thesis is the written document summarizing the work done by the student, describing the argument or claim of the topic of research and the work done to support the same. In short, it describes the “what” and “how” of the research work done. From defining the problem statement to literature survey, observing and predicting outputs, conducting experiments and deriving conclusions is all part of a research, and the document supporting the entire process is called thesis in research. It signifies the reception of an academic degree for a student. Sometimes, it is also done to achieve professional qualifications.


In some countries, a thesis is also called a dissertation and is abbreviated as diss. However, in other countries “thesis” is used for bachelor’s and master’s degrees and a dissertation, specifically for the doctorate. The format, tips, terminologies, and practices of writing a thesis in research differ from country to country. More information about the terminologies and practices on writing the thesis in research can be obtained here.


Skills Required/ Process for Thesis in Research

The following skills are required for all types of research work, from an undergraduate to a doctorate program. These skillsets at the same time, highlight the steps involved in the research process:


·        Choosing the area of research and defining a problem statement within the area of research

·        Identifying the issues which need to be addressed within the area chosen

·        Retrieving the information, data, and facts associated with the area of research

·        Substantiating and validating the authenticity of the information corroborated

·        Investigating the concern of both sides of the argument or statement

·        Deriving a conclusion that is well-argued


Choosing the area of research might sound very easy but it is actually the foundation of future work. Many students in later stages regret the area they have chosen, probably because they would be no longer interested or are unable to progress with the work due to lack of availability of resources for further progress. If given an option, students can change their area of research but the initial efforts then go in vain. They then need to start from scratch. At times, this option is not available. Hence, students should be very careful and confident about the area chosen for their thesis in research. It is advised that this area should be selected based on the area of interest of students.


The next step is all about figuring out the issues that currently exist and need to be addressed. The problems which offer the possibility of solution need to be identified in this step. The solution should be realistic and possible to implement. It should serve the larger benefit of humanity or nature as a whole. The issue should then be summed us as a thesis statement or a problem statement for thesis in research. The next steps will be about working to find the solution to this problem with thorough research and experiments. The research is therefore of utmost importance.


The Research in Thesis and its Importance


The research in the thesis is done for two purposes- literature survey and designing the solution to the problem statement. The literature survey involves referring to documents, journals, articles, websites, interviews, case studies and all other resources available to get to an understanding of the bigger picture about the amount and type of work already done in the area for thesis in research. It helps the students to get an insight into the current situation and challenges that exist. It also focuses on the opportunities for potential work in the near future.


The research is of two types- qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative research involves concepts, theories and explanations. It is expressed using words to gather and describe the experiences. Interviews, open-ended questions etc. are used to collect insights into the area and the possible solutions. These experiences can be collected as expressed by others or lived by the students themselves.

Contrary to the qualitative research for thesis in research, quantitative research is expressed in figures rather than words. Statistical data and graphs are used to express and share the insights. These numbers and variables can be collected from publicly available sources or private sources of organizations/ institutions or can be self-obtained in person or electronically. At times, it might be difficult to gather the information and sources to obtain the data for research, both for literature review and for proposing the solution.


The authenticity, reliability and legitimacy of data gathered also must be taken into consideration. In today’s era, when information is available at a click of a button and the information is not validated/ censored, it is important to validate that the information so obtained is correct. The supervisors/ guides can be of great help here since they are the subject matter experts. Another easy way is collecting the information from trusted sources like government organizations, educational institutions and non-profit organizations for thesis in research. The process can include both accessing the information digitally over the internet or getting the same physically, which ofcourse might not  be possible always. The information should always be collected using the right means.


The better the research, the better will be the thesis in research. This is because with more research, the students get to understand the subject better. Coincidentally, students can also come across some other solutions in the area of research and can drive the process ahead much better. The horizon of their interpretation and perception widens for thesis in research. The motivation to do better is also obtained during this phase. The scope of future work is also derived through extensive quality research for writing a good thesis. The new ideas for thesis in research also come forth here. In short, the overall in-depth insight is acquired through good research. This is a must-have skill for writing a thesis in research.


Proposing the Solution and Conclusion for thesis in research

After thorough and extensive research conducted via the right means, the next step is about working on the solution. Well done research helps to design and propose the solution for the problem statement for the thesis in research.

The solution and conclusion for the last steps should be based on the findings obtained during the research phase. This again signifies the importance of quality research in the thesis. The solution should be derived taking both pros and cons into consideration. The merits and the demerits should be justified well. The final judgment should be based on looking at both positives and negatives and even the costs associated to them. The solution, as stated earlier should be realistic and possible to implement using fewer resources. The conclusion should be concrete and properly expressed.


Quality of Research- A Grave Concern for thesis in research

Researchers all over the world are worried as the quality of work and research is going down. The research papers with no sophisticated work or ideas easily get published these days. Academic institutions are making it compulsory for students to publish papers and thesis in research for academic degrees. In this rat-race, the quality of work is going down and the sole reason for this is lack of research. A good quality research, conducted with investment of time, energy and efforts undoubtedly yields wonderful results for thesis in research.