PhD Duration in different universities

Curriculum involved in PhD Duration

PhD stands for Doctor of Philosophy. The word “Doctor of Philosophy” is derived from a Greek word meaning Doctor in the “Love of Wisdom”. The students who pursue their education after master’s degree are awarded with the PhD degree.

The PhD degree is bestowed to those students who make their valuable contributions in the field of knowledge. This degree is subjective in nature. The student holding this degree is bestowed with the title as “Doctor. So in other words, PhD is also known as the Doctorate Degree.

 Curriculum involved in PhD Duration

 Students can opt for a Ph.D. degree in any of their fields of interest. However, in order to begin with this course, one has to pass entrance exams such as the UGC NET, GATE, IIT JAM, and others. Furthermore, several universities offer fellowships to students enrolled in full-time Ph.D. programmers like Delhi University, IGNOU etc.

The PhD Duration course length is usually 3 years, while for some colleges or universities PhD Duration is for two years. On the whole, PhD Degree takes overall 3 to 5 years to complete. This is because student extends his/her PhD Duration from 3 to 5 years. PhD Duration course length may vary from one college or university to other.

Many factors are involved in determining PhD Duration course, including understanding of the research area, experience in research field, supervisor involved in guiding you during your PhD Duration journey knowledge, resource availability (primary or secondary) & resource tools available (like surveys, interviews etc)

PhD Duration course can be done in variety of fields to name a few of them are Engineering, Science, Biotechnology, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry, Clinical Research etc.

PhD duration can also be completed via Distance learning but on the contrary this type of learning is less valuable than doing full time PhD Duration

Eligibility requirements for PhD Duration:

To begin your career in PhD Duration, one must hold at least a master's degree. Some institutes also conduct entrance exams & counseling for students to enter a specialized PhD Duration program. They set minimum scoring standards for admission to PhD Duration course.

For several subjects, a Masters in Philosophy (M.Phil.) is mandatory before enrolling in a Ph.D. program.

PhD Duration course structure:

The PhD Duration comprises both course and research work; the amount of course depends on the candidate's experience and the research project they are involved in.

PhD Duration consists of the following components

·        Coursework

·        Pedagogy

·        Qualifying Examination

·        Preparation of Research Proposal

·        Thesis Work

One has to go through the above components mentioned in order to achieve a PhD degree.

Types of PhD Duration Programs

In India, there are three basic categories of PhD Duration course running namely full-time, part-time, and online.

1)     Full Time PhD Duration:

A full-time PhD Duration is the normal PhD Degree program as described above which takes around 3 to 5 years of completion. Students devote their majority of their time on Doctor of Philosophy subjects.


As compared the other 2 PhD Duration courses, cost of full-time PhD is high.

2)     Part Time PhD Duration:

PhD Duration program can be done part-time. Part-time PhDs are typically awarded to those candidates who work in reputable research organizations, academic institutes especially in close proximity to the university.


Part-time PhD Duration program takes around 7 to 8 years for completion as they also have to complete the same number of academic credits and other prerequisites as full-time PhD Duration program.


Students pursuing Part-time PhD Duration program will be required to attend a limited number of classes but preferably they should have at least one year of work experience.


Part-time PhDs are generally focused on research for the company's development rather than conducting a individual research.


3)     Online PhD Duration:

In the current scenario, online PhD program is very popular. Thousands of people are pursuing their PhD duration online as they are unable to be physically present to opt for a full time PhD course. The major goal of online PhD courses is to give postgraduate applicants and working professionals with higher education.


Some of the popular online PhD Duration program running is


PhD Duration course specialization

Students who want to take their career to the next level by pursuing PhD Duration course can go for a specialization in their area of interest.

Some of the Popular PhD Duration course in Humanities


Some of the Popular PhD Duration course in Science


Some of the Popular PhD Duration course in Commerce


Some of the Popular PhD Duration course in Engineering


Some of the Popular PhD Duration course in Management


Some of the Popular PhD Duration course in Law



Why go for PhD Duration?


Students pursuing PhD course has numerous benefits as there is a lot of room to expand the subject's horizons. There will be survival of fittest like theory in their career.

·        It gives a huge boost in self-esteem to add a word "Dr" in front of their names after being awarded with the PhD degree.

·        Holding a PhD degree open gates to a number of employment areas namely in research institutes, educational institutes, publishing houses, journals, newspapers, magazines etc.

·        There is variety of job profiles available for a PhD degree holder namely Market Research Analyst, Lecturer & Professor, Business Development Manager, Competitive Intelligence Analyst, Novelist & Writer etc.

·        They get a handsome amount in numerous industries and organizations.

·        A PhD degree allows you to stay up to date with knowledge and provides vast scope of research training that is beneficial for country's current social and economic goals.

·        PhD graduates may also have the chance to work in other countries. Overall, exceptional analytical skills and the ability to solve complicated problems in a single step are the most important qualities that employers seek for when selecting PhD candidates.