How to write a Project Synopsis

A project synopsis is defined as a document which is a brief and precise overview of a research work. It is submitted to any authority or institution in order to help them with a quick analysis and approval of the project. The official purpose served by a well-presented format of project synopsis is:

·         Formal registration

·         Ethical clearance

·         Peer review

·         Consideration for financial assistance

Nowadays, it has become mandatory to prepare a format of project synopsis, be it for academic or business purposes. It is usually of 2-4 pages, depending on content. There are some important guidelines that should be followed while preparing the format of project synopsis.

The broad structure of format of project synopsis follows:

Ø  Title

Ø  About the problem / Hypothesis

Ø  Aims & Objectives

Ø  Review of literature

Ø  Research methodology/ Module description

Ø  References


Let us take a look on the essential features in a format of project synopsis in a detailed manner-


v  Title*

A reasonable title must be explicitly given to the respective research project. It is the first step in the process of writing the format of project synopsis. In the title, more emphasis must be laid on delivering an overall impression of entire work than merely making it appear sensational. Avoid misleading your reader at any cost.


v  Category

Indicate the category of project, for instance, research, management, business etc. after the title in the format of project synopsis. This would immensely help readers filter out their interests.


v  People who contributed

It is practically impossible for a single person to complete a project. Hence, the format of project synopsis must include the names of all the contributors. Nobody should be left behind in getting their due credit. Provide team details and the tenure taken to finish the research.


v  Statement of the problem*

This is a crucial section of the format of project synopsis as it helps the reader understand the reason behind actual construction of the project. The relevance of problem, with its present and future status, needs to be briefly explained. This leads to formulation of hypothesis.


v   Hypothesis

Hypothesis is a defined as a tentative statement about the relationship between two or more variables. It can be clubbed with the above section in the format of project synopsis. Hypothesis should not be random, which means that it must have the ability to reflect on researcher’s knowledge, experience and imagination. Stating the problem and hypothesis together can take about 200-250 words in the format of project synopsis.


v  Aims and objectives* – (primary reason to choose this project)

The motive behind choosing this particular research topic should be provided in this section in format of project synopsis. Keep it brief, crisp and interesting. This not just provides the intent for taking up the research work, but also states its pertinence. It is one of the less formal yet extremely necessary portions in the format of project synopsis wrapped in about 100-150 words.


v  Review of literature*

Here comes the most significant section of the format of project synopsis. Once all the literary references are mentioned, the research appears more credible and authentic. This includes mentioning the names of all the books, authors, resources, technologies and even the internet. Even the limitations of these resources can be mentioned to provide extra authenticity. However, make sure not to bombard with too many details. This section can take up to 300-350 words.


Review of literature in the format of project synopsis offers some objectives such as:

·         Makes the study more familiar.

·         Makes the reader identify certain areas of difficulties. It might further widen the horizon for future researchers. They can anticipate similar or additional problems during studying the format of project synopsis.

·         Helps in structuring and modifying research methodology respectively.


v  Research Methodology/ Module description*

The format of project synopsis is incomplete without specifying working methodology. Readers must know the procedure followed during the course of research work so that they can have an idea if they are genuinely interested in the work or not. It is the core of format of project synopsis and must be wrapped under 200 words or so.


Some of the aspects that can be covered under research methodology section in the format of project synopsis, depending on requirements, are:-


·         Study design – e.g. descriptive design, experimental design etc

·         Study settings- information on institution, place of study etc

·         Sampling – e.g. Random sampling, cluster sampling etc.

·         Variables – they are of four types: independent, dependent, intervening and background variables.

·         Controls – increases the validity of research project.

·         Study methods - e.g. interviews, questionnaires, investigations etc.

·         Data collection

·         Data analysis

·         Ethical clearance – ethical clearance certificate needs to be furnished, wherever necessary.



v  References

Finally, all the references quoted in the synopsis must be written under this section in format of project synopsis. The style of writing can be any of the two, namely Harvard style or Vancouver style.


v  Official Requirements

The format of project synopsis largely ends with listing the following information: name of the researcher, designation of the researcher, designation of the guide, space for signatures and/or official seal.


[The headings marked as * are mandatory parts of format of project synopsis. Any format of project synopsis can vary, if and when required. The order of headings in the given format of project synopsis can be changed, if required.]


Some important points to remember while writing a format of project synopsis:-

1.  The format of project synopsis is a gist of your research work. This implies that there has to be a balance between what is said to be offered and what is actually offered. Make sure to grab the attention of your reader, while at the same time, do not give out everything.

2.  Things that are mentioned in the format of project synopsis need to be prioritized effectively in a proper manner.

3.  Use simple language and avoid grammatical errors. The format of project synopsis is a professional document, so deliver accordingly. One is allowed to be creative with format of project synopsis to an extent.

4.  The real purpose of a format of project synopsis is to save others time. Do not try to mislead your readers by fabricating any wrong piece of information. This might disappoint them later. Never boast of anything. If you have done a decent job, your work will speak volumes in itself.

5.  The first impression is often the last impression. So, take the format of project synopsis very seriously. If it fails to attract your reader, no attention would be given to your research project either, irrespective of the quality of latter.


Writing the format of project synopsis is like providing a window to your research project. A format of project synopsis is nothing but a blueprint of your research project. A well written format of project synopsis showcases the capabilities of any researcher. It also helps in the funding process. The projects that do not have an organized format of project synopsis are straightaway not entertained at all. Thus, a format of project synopsis is the final decider of the success or failure of your project.