Selecting a Dissertation Topic


Selecting a Dissertation Topic is the biggest obstacle in dissertation process as the amount of time taken to complete your study depends on the Dissertation Topic selected.

Various Perspectives involved in choosing a Dissertation Topic

It is very important to conduct a preliminary research before finalizing your Dissertation Topic in order to avoid problems at a further pace. Points to consider in mind while selecting a Dissertation Topic

·        Are sufficient research sources or database available related to your Dissertation Topic?

·        Has your Dissertation Topic questions already been answered by someone else?

·        Is your Dissertation Topic sound reasonable?

·        Discuss with your professors & faculty on your Dissertation Topic

·        Write in brief about your Dissertation topic in order to consolidate your ideas to have a clear picture for your topic?

·        Choose a topic that interests you as your dissertation will take weeks & months to complete. So you should be passionate about that subject.

·        Choose a topic that is extremely simple to understand & should be straightforward.

·        Choose that topic that is good for your career in future

Generally students opt for 5 to 6 Dissertation topic before finalizing any one.

Where you can find your Dissertation Topic

Dissertation Topic, just do not appear on the spur of the moment. One has to be involved deeply in searching a Dissertation Topic.

1.     Supervisor: Talk to your supervisor who can guide you in selecting your topic. As in the whole journey of dissertation writing, he will serve as a mentor and adviser.

Before approaching them, do some preliminary research on topic on your own so that you can share your thoughts & ideas running in your mind. Your mentor can act as a guiding light as they have years of experience advising other students, so you may expect some excellent piece of information from them.

For having good working relationships with your supervisor follow these tips

a) Meet him/her on regular basis & make notes.

b) Discuss your approach, methodology you will adopt for your research.

c) Come up with 3-5 ideas, discuss with your supervisor for his/her feedback.


2.     Library Search: A type of search engine having all types of resources including peer-reviewed journals, academic papers, e-books, publications

It's a wonderful place to start your study, especially if you're attempting to figure out if there's enough related material in reference to your Dissertation Topic.

3.     Subject Guide: A licensed guide to all your databases as it contains useful information & resources to support your Dissertation Topic

4.     Dissertations: Go through the Dissertation Topic that have already completed. Explore sites like ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global, Auraria Library etc where you can choose your Dissertation Topic.

5.     Go through the current articles published in journals that are based on your Dissertation Topic: You'll get a variety of study topic ideas if you go through current issues of journals in your field. Simply type in google "Scholarly Journal" plus your Dissertation Topic.

Some basic things to follow while selecting Dissertation Topic:

1.     Grab your attention: Selection of topic should be such that keeps you engaged till the end as writing an acceptable Dissertation is a time consuming process.

2.     Short enough to be managed: Majority of people begin with a topic that is too long. Remember that you can't do everything. Your goal is to educate by adding little but significant & relevant information to the knowledge base.

3.     Must be unique: Make it an original piece of information by doing extensive & innovative research on your topic.

4.     Beat the clock:  Select a topic that can be completed within the allocated time frame.

5.     Sufficient data sources: Choose a topic that has enough data resources so that you can complete it in a reasonable period of time.

6.     Not explored much: Select a topic that has not been explored much in the past otherwise there is no use in developing another study on the same topic

7.     Acceptable to your guide : The topic should be acceptable by your mentor or guide

Create separate folder for your Dissertation topic. Start placing your ideas that you have in mind related to your Dissertation Topic so that you can review it time to time.

You will come across a wide range of viewpoints on the selection of your Dissertation topic. Some people may find it really worthy, while others believe it's worthless. Remember that you simply need to satisfy your dissertation committee in order to pursue a topic that you are passionate about.

Repeated Research on Dissertation Topic:

Replicating a previous study is one technique for pursuing a Dissertation Topic. The term "replication" refers to the process of repeating a research study which is already been published earlier. Some people call it as cheating but if you see it other way round; knowledge grows over time as a result of more researches. Also repeated research strengthens and clarifies study findings. By repeating an important study, you can make your significant contribution in it.

There are various ways to conduct research on already existing topics by changing some aspects of previous study. It's also a good idea to change the research instrument, add or remove variables, or rewrite the research questions (s).

This research can be conducted in a different geographical location, with a different population, or with different methodology (doing interview instead of survey). These changes, if justified, can aid in the clarification of current study results.

Dos & Don’ts for Selecting Repeated Dissertation Topic


1.     Bring to light the need for doing repeated research.

2.     Seek permission from the original author.

3.     Make it your own Dissertation Topic for research.



1. Content in your research should be plagiarism free.

2. Do not copy bibliography or literature part of original research paper which is already existing.

Choose a Dissertation Topic relevant to your professional objectives

a)     Choose a Dissertation Topic based on your career: for ex if you are interested in teaching so do you want to be a specialist in literacy instructor, or it can be behavior management expert or expert in play based learning?

b)     Stand out from the competition in choosing Dissertation Topic: During your job interviews in future, your Dissertation Topic will be the one to make you stand out in a crowd. Therefore think out of the box while selecting your Dissertation Topic.

c)     Do you want to work in the field of research:  Think on this before selecting a Dissertation Topic as majority of them write dissertations to demonstrate knowledge of their subject. However, if you intend to pursue your career to the next level (maybe a PhD), you should focus on having a high-quality methodology rather than merely a fascinating topic.

At last, a good Dissertation topic should allow you to produce a professional polished piece of writing in a desired time frame and for a desired price. In this case, getting assistance from your experienced mentors on how to limit the scope of a project without diminishing the importance of the problems addressed.

Your Dissertation Topic is more than just an opportunity to demonstrate how far you've come scholastically. It's also your chance to explore deeper into a subject that interests you, which will have a substantial impact on your total overall performance.