The importance of a research paper topic

What is a research paper?

A research paper is a thesis or project submitted during PG or Ph.D. after researching the specific topic. A research paper contains a problem statement/hypothesis, background, review of literature, methodology, analysis, results, discussion, conclusion, and recommendations. The problem is the research question you want to answer. Background information is obtained through reading a research paper topic area, subjects from the library and electronic databases. A literature review is noting down methods and results from similar researches in journals and databases like PubMed, Google Scholar, Elsevier, etc. We use different methods in collecting information and conducting our study. This refers to the methodology. It includes the study design, sample size calculation, sampling methods, data collection instruments, data analysis, and evaluation. We conclude the results in discussion and conclusion. We state necessary recommendations to correct the problem.

The first step in the research is the selection of a research paper topic. You have to select a research paper topic that you are interested in from a broad area, then narrow it down after focusing on the questions you need an explanation. You have to write down different topics you are interested in and discuss them with your guide and peers. Then get background information and literature reviews for two or three topics you are interested in. Refer to similar studies and gain knowledge about those topics. Then select a research paper topic you are most interested in.


What is the importance of a research paper topic?

           What are the research questions? What are the issues? What are the recommendations?

           Why do you choose a research paper topic? Why a research paper topic is important?

           How will you do the research? Who is affected? Who will publish the information?

          Who will provide you with information? 

          Where is the topic-local, national, or international? 

          When is the current issue? Is it recent or a past one?

          Which topics should be avoided?


What are the characteristics of a good research title?

How to write a research topic?

Ex: A study on lung cancer among smoker and non-smoker patients of district govt hospital, Kottayam 2018.